Beyond Tucson

Internet access has been at a premium so I am running a little behind on the updates.  Since Tucson I have visited the Grand Canyon (where I caught a sunrise), Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Death Valley and now Mono Lake.  I’ve done all of that since yesterday morning.  Yikes! Time has been flying.  I have a hard time imagining that the night photography workshop wrapped up just a short week ago.  Did you see the group panorama from the junkyard?   If not, check out Joe Reifer’s blog here.

Death Valley was incredible.  I stopped several times along the way seemingly being lead by a bus filled with Asian tourists.  Everywhere I went, they went.   They seemed to be having quite the good time.  So was I.  Shorts and a t-shirt were appropriate for the 95F temperatures I was met with in Death Valley but not so much for the 50 degrees I stumbled upon in Mono Lake.  This is the coldest weather I have been exposed to so far.  I know I should not be complaining as the folks back home tell me that fall has gripped the area with rain and chilly temps.

Tomorrow, I will make a leisurely drive over Yosemite and call it a night in Modesto.  Special thanks to “girlfriend” who found me a great little place to stay tonight.  I’ve got my own cabin!


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